If you want to run faster,
you need to run with people faster than you.


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Fear will kill more dreams than failure ever will, find someone nearby to run with and socialize while burning some calories.

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RunAdic is people helping people in communities around the world 🌎 to achieve their ultimate fitness goals.

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The best way to run faster is by running with people faster than you.

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If you have little time to workout and want maximum results In your next race, then you should make each workout that you do be apart of your ultimate fitness goal.
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How RunAdic FITT Method Works

It's YOU, but Faster!

Fartleks, Intervals and Time Trials (FITT)

You will be following the RunAdic FITT method. Fartleks, Intervals and Time Trials (FITT).

2 days easy running, 2 days hard running, 2 days cross-training and 1 day Long run.

Following the RunAdic FITT method you will still be you, BUT FASTER!

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You, but faster!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Yes, you can download the app for Free, anytime, worldwide.

Can RunAdic train my kids?

Yes, we also have family plans included.

What's the RunAdic Elite Program?

The Elite Program is a $99/Month plan, you will get a personalized workout plan just for your and an assigned running coach to support you to reach your goals. You will also get FREE access to unlimited PREMIUM Workouts in your city (They usually cost $20USD per workout).

Do I really get a FREE Plan, for Free?

All you need to do is DOWNLOAD this App, create a Free Account and setup your desired training pace. Your FREE workout plan will be waiting for you inside the app.

How can I find certified running instructors?

Setup your FREE account and enable access to your GPS, you will get a list of Certified RunAdic Instructors near your location.

Can I invite my friends?

Yes! Share your RunAdic BIB number or search for your friends in our section Athletes NearBy